Friday, August 22, 2014

24th American Subbuteo Association National Championships

These were played at Huntington Beach, southern California on Saturday 26th July 2014. This was the first time that the championship had been played on the West Coast of the States, and pre-tournament some of us were hoping that the shamanic vibrations, flower power history and emotional atmosphere of the West might destabilise some of the players coming in from further East.

The final: Daniel Cranston vs Zach Walker

Well, that turned out just to be another dream, as Zach Walker (Colorado, 5 times USA champion) and Daniel Cranston (Maryland, 2 times USA champion) mowed through the field of mostly Californian-based players including Conan Mullen from Santa Rosa in northern California, and Erik Haefke from Cedar Springs, who this year returned to the States having learnt a high-paced attacking game in France for the last couple of years.
ASA National Champion Zach Walker
National runner-up Daniel Cranston

Both Zach and Dan qualified from their groups without so much as conceding a point, and the final eight players were the top 5 from the Southern Californian club and Erik, as well as Zach and Dan.

The final of the Veterans: Wayne Smith vs Erik Haefke

In some high scoring games, Zach, Dan, Erik and Wayne Smith (who also won the ASA Veterans Cup on the same day in sudden death against Erik) made it through to the semi-finals, but – try as Erik and Wayne did – they were no match for the top two.
Wayne Smith (right), Veterans champion
Erik Haefke, Veterans runner-up

The final was a cracker, Zach took the lead but Dan was playing well too and equalised before half-time.  In the second half Zach then led until just thirty seconds to go, when Dan scored a terrific goal on the run to take the final to sudden death.  Two minutes into the next phase, Zach blasted the ball into the net following a free kick and so won the ASA Nationals for the sixth time.  He is now just one win in the Nationals behind the legendary Gregg Deinhart of Virginia who won seven times between the years of 1996-2004.

Congratulations to Zach who once again showed that right now he is a cut above all other players in the States, and we certainly hope at some point that he will be able to represent the USA at the FISTF World Cup, and captain an American team there too.

The Southern California club did a great job of organizing the competition, and the only low point to mention was that because of the geographical east-west divide in the States, only eleven players entered the Nationals due to distance and dollars. With the majority of the players still on the East side, we now hope for a bigger attendance in Chicago in August 2015.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Results of the "Wednesday Night Chicago Area Subbuteo Club (CASC) Bouts"

The "Wednesday Night Chicago Area Subbuteo Club (CASC) Bouts" are in the books. This ASA / WASPA tournament was played at the Sweetland Grounds on Wednesday, August 13 and was a simple four person, round robin format including Ilias Gikas, Tim Tumminaro, Jamie Zacharda and Chris Sweetland.
We had an absolute blast!! The Sweetland Grounds featured a new basement venue (as opposed to my family room) which was well received! Additionally, the evening featured Jamie's visit to the Chicago area and a wonderful house warming gift of Revolution Anti-hero IPA, compliments of Jamie. Great to see you again Jamie and we look forward to your next visit to the area! You are obviously well-mentored in the game by your east coast friends!
The competition was intense with no real runaway goals. Ilias and Tim were definitely on their games which did not bode well for Jamie and myself!! We got knocked around a bit. It is noteworthy that there were a lot of goose eggs on the losing sides of the ledger....interesting! Below are the results. Match Scores: Jamie 1 Chris 1 Ilias 3 Jamie 0 Ilias 2 Tim 0 Tim 2 Chris 0 Ilias 2 Chris 0 Tim 0 Jamie 2 Ilias - 9 pts - GD +7 Jamie - 4 pts - GD -1 Tim - 3 pts - GD -2 Chris - 1 pts - GD -4 (Report by Chris Sweetland)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tom Shirley takes the 2014 Chattanooga Open

Tom Shirley and Brian King
The 2014 Chattanooga Open was held in Ringgold, GA with Tom Shirley taking the championship with a 3-2 win over Brian King in sudden-death. In the Mary Jane Final, John Reed wins on PK's over 2013's Mary Jane winner, Javier King, 1-0 after 6 rounds. Full Results: 1st round: John Reed 3 Forest Pavel 0 Tom Shirley 5 Simon Neil 0 Javier King 0 Brian King 1 Sean Mann 2 Miko 0 2nd Round: Tom 4 John 1 Forest 0 Simon 5 David 0 Sean 2 Miko 0 Javier 2 3rd Round: Simon 2 John 2 Tom 7 Forest 0 Miko 0 Brian 1 David 1 Javier 3 4th Round: Javier 1 Sean 1 Brian 1 David 0 5th Round: David 1 Miko 0 Sean 0 Brian 0 Mary Jane: John 1 Forest 0 David 1 Miko 3 (Javier bye) Miko 0 Javier 1 Final: Javier 0 John 0 (0-1 pks)
Mary Jane final
Knockout Round: Tom 2 Sean 0 Brian 2 Simon 1 (sudden death) Final: Tom 3 Brian 2
Tom Shirley

Thursday, August 7, 2014

US players in the world rankings

In the FISTF world rankings of July 2014, the US players are ranked as follows:

Open category:
60 GASPARINI Andrea CR Vasco da Gama Futmesa 344,00
172 WALKER Zach Maryland SC 90,00
232 CRANSTON Daniel Maryland SC 63,00
244 HAEFKE Erik - 58,80
307 O'DONOVAN ROSSA Paul Maryland SC 39,20
333 SMITH Wayne Southern California SC 34,00
365 KURKEYERIAN Varant Southern California SC 29,20
516 TUCKER Cameron Maryland SC 15,40
517 TUCKER Rob Maryland SC 15,40
578 TUCKER Steve Southern California SC 12,20
579 TUCKER Josh Southern California SC 12,20
694 MULLEN Conan Southern California SC 9,00
864 RUSSELL Stuart Maryland SC 4,50

Veterans category:
215 O'DONOVAN ROSSA Paul Maryland SC 30,00
387 HAEFKE Erik - 6,00

In the WASPA ranking of July 2014, US players are ranked as follows:

55 Daniel Cranston (Maryland SC) 64,00
78 Paul O'Donovan (Maryland SC) 54,90
79 Zach Walker (Washington Tuesday SL) 53,50
116 Wayne Smith (Southern California Subbuteo Club) 37,50
121 Patrick Sheridan (Maryland SC) 36,25
126 Alex Batacchi (Tampa Bay TSC) 34,50
137 Paul Eyes (Maryland SC) 32,50
144 Andrea Gasparini (CR Vasco da Gama Futmesa) 31,00
182 Ilias Gikas (Hercules Subbuteo Club) 26,00
182 Varant Kurkeyerian (Southern California Subbuteo Club) 26,00
186 Nate Pate (MiSTFA) 25,75
188 Neal Rivera (Maryland SC) 25,35
203 Steve Tucker (Southern California Subbuteo Club) 23,80
226 Massimo Conturso (SC Connecticut) 21,00
265 Conan Mullen (Northern California SC) 17,20
266 Erik Haefke (no club)  17,00
266 George Vassiliades (Northern California SC) 17,00
279 Paul Pate (MiSTFA) 16,28
283 Peter Vahle (Northern California SC) 16,00
291 Steve Laskey (Cleveland Metro TFC) 15,50
321 Rob Tucker (Southern California Subbuteo Club) 13,60
335 John Coyle (Chattanooga Subbuteo League) 13,00
357 Craig Cousino (no club)  12,70
372 Isabel Batacchi (Tampa Bay TSC) 12,00
402 Daniel Louis (Tampa Bay TSC) 10,50
409 Chris Sweetland (Chicago Area SC) 10,30
412 Tim Tumminaro (Chicago Area SC) 10,10
437 Joe Schmidt (Northern California SC) 9,00
480 Cameron Tucker (Southern California Subbuteo Club) 8,00
506 Simon Neil (Chattanooga Subbuteo League) 7,00
539 Andrew Zunino (Philadelphia Subbuteo Futbol Syndicate) 6,90
540 Matt Steinmuller (Maryland SC) 6,85
541 Brian Lambert (MiSTFA) 6,80
584 Brad Hendricks (Kansas City Subbuteo League) 5,80
610 Adolfo Colindres (Patapsco SC) 5,05
614 Vincent Vidal (Northern California SC) 5,00
640 Gregg Deinhart (Washington Tuesday SL) 4,75
657 Shane McNulty (Kansas City Subbuteo League) 4,60
661 Richard Mike Mellott (no club)  4,50
661 Luis Silva (SC Connecticut) 4,50
675 Eric Walton (Washington Tuesday SL) 4,25
687 David Qualls (Chattanooga Subbuteo League) 4,00
687 Tom Shirley (Chattanooga Subbuteo League) 4,00
732 Chad Idema (MiSTFA) 3,90
747 James Husley (Tampa Bay TSC) 3,50
747 Miguel Marques (SC Connecticut) 3,50
747 Brandon Minton (Suncoast TSL) 3,50
747 Jamie Zacharda (no club)  3,50
777 Eric Albertson (MiSTFA) 3,40
777 Ricky Alvarez (no club)  3,40
799 Sid Bond (no club)  3,00
799 Josh Tucker (Southern California Subbuteo Club) 3,00
825 Dewey LaRochelle (Washington Tuesday SL) 2,95
842 Byung Kim (Maryland SC) 2,75
849 Sean Mann (no club)  2,50
849 Jody Schaaf (Savannah SC) 2,50
904 Mark Crawford (no club)  2,10
907 Jason Mitchell (Southern California Subbuteo Club) 2,00
907 Kevin Nieman (Southern California Subbuteo Club) 2,00
975 Brendan Dames (Patapsco SC) 1,85
975 Mike Hitselberger (no club)  1,85
975 Grant Lilly (no club)  1,85
975 Rory Nolan (no club)  1,85
975 Corey Wiggs (no club)  1,85
975 Evan Winter (Patapsco SC) 1,85
982 Miko Mann (no club)  1,70
991 David Jensen (Southern California Subbuteo Club) 1,50
991 Chad Price (no club)  1,50
991 Tory Reed (Colorado SC) 1,50
1030 Timothy Cousino (no club)  1,00
1030 Michael Koster (MiSTFA) 1,00
1230 Kevin Antoszewski (Maryland SC) 0,90
1235 Eric Cha (no club)  0,50
1235 Joshua Chang (no club)  0,50
1235 Nicholas Chiacchio (no club)  0,50
1235 Alex de Lencastre (SC Connecticut) 0,50
1235 Jackson Duan (no club)  0,50
1235 Matt Fox (Suncoast TSL) 0,50
1235 Sebastien Gisin (no club)  0,50
1235 Landon Hunter (MiSTFA) 0,50
1235 Ryan Jung (no club)  0,50
1235 Ryan Kenny (Maryland SC) 0,50
1235 Timothy Kim (no club)  0,50
1235 Michael Kimack (no club)  0,50
1235 Mike Kistler (no club)  0,50
1235 Michael Knorr (MiSTFA) 0,50
1235 Nick Lawson (MiSTFA) 0,50
1235 Jongho Lee (no club)  0,50
1235 Jack Lorenz (no club)  0,50
1235 Tej Mehta (no club)  0,50
1235 Brian Mengele (Patapsco SC) 0,50
1235 Denish Parsulapeti (no club)  0,50
1235 Joey Peters (no club)  0,50
1235 Karson Porter (no club)  0,50
1235 Jon Raza (no club)  0,50
1235 Michael Shlining (no club)  0,50
1235 Frank Silva (SC Connecticut) 0,50
1235 Frank Jr Silva (SC Connecticut) 0,50
1235 Bill Switala (no club)  0,50
1235 Howard Veal (no club)  0,50
1235 Dave Waligora (MiSTFA) 0,50
1235 Jen Waligora (MiSTFA) 0,50
1235 Ben Williams (no club)  0,50
1235 Michael Zacharda (no club)  0,50

Monday, July 28, 2014

Report and Results of FISTF/WASPA Los Angeles Open, 28th July 2014

A great day’s play was enjoyed by thirteen players at the FISTF/WASPA Los Angeles Open, and we very pleased to welcome Thomas and Trisha Baumeler from Switzerland, on tour in California for a month. Perhaps fate dictated that Trisha and Thomas met together in the quarter-finals in a very tight family affair, with Thomas finally just edging the tie on shots. In the final, USA no. 2 Dan Cranston could have hoped at half time that he had one hand on the title, as he raced into a 3-0 lead over Zach Walker. However, Zach showed yet again why currently his Subbuteo is a level apart in the USA, staging a 3-3 comeback with two minutes left, and scoring the winner five minutes into overtime. A great performance by both players.
Zach Walker (right), Los Angeles Open champion
The event was competitive and intense, but there was no yelling every time a goal was scored (103 goals) and the games conducted in a sporting manner. Thanks to everyone for taking part, and especially to the USA players Dan Cranston, Erik Haefke and Zach Walker, who each travelled over 3000 miles or over 1000 miles to participate in this event and the ASA Nationals yesterday. We wish the event could have had more players. But in the USA (the third largest country in the world after Russia and Canada) we face enormous logistical issues in bringing together a substantial number of players from maybe 21 different playing States to play Subbuteo together. Playing maybe 5-6 games on American Nationals day can mean 1000-3000 miles of air and car rental travel for participants not living in the host state. These isolation issues compound when we (as we did this year) look at sending teams to the World Cup and Champions League, not just the travel it takes but the cost for individuals. The same can be said of playing Canada, Mexico or Brazil, something we’d love to do one day. In the future, sponsorship is the way to go. The potential here in the USA remains huge. And at ground level, we’d like to welcome a new player who has joined the Southern California Subbuteo League whilst visiting the Nationals this week-end, Damir Vranjes. Welcome Damir. (Report by Paul O'Donovan Rossa) Tournament results Group A Erik Haefke 2-1 Thomas Baumeler Cameron Tucker 0-6 Thomas Baumeler Cameron Tucker 1-2 Erik Haefke 1. Erik Haefke P2 W2 D0 L0 F4 A2 Pts 6 2. Thomas Baumeler P2 W1 D0 L1 F7 A2 Pts 3 3. Cameron Tucker P2 W0 D0 L2 F1 A8 Pts 0 Group B Paul O’Donovan Rossa 0-2 Trisha Baumeler Steve Tucker 1-1 Paul O’Donovan Rossa Trisha Baumeler 2-0 Steve Tucker 1. Trisha Baumeler P2 W2 D0 L0 F4 A0 Pts 6 2. Paul O’Donovan Rossa P2 W0 D1 L1 F1 A3 Pts 1 3. Steve Tucker P2 W0 D1 L1 F1 A3 Pts 1 Paul O’DR beat Steve Tucker 2-0 in shoot-out Group C Wayne Smith 4-0 Conan Mullen Conan Mullen 0-2 Dan Cranston Wayne Smith 1-3 Dan Cranston 1. Dan Cranston P2 W2 D0 L0 F5 A1 Pts 6 2. Wayne Smith P2 W1 D0 L1 F5 A3 Pts 3 3. Conan Mullen P2 W0 D0 L2 F0 A6 Pts 0 Group D Varant Kurkeyerian 0-7 Zach Walker Rob Tucker 7-1 Josh Tucker Rob Tucker 0-6 Zach Walker Varant Kurkeyerian 7-1 Josh Tucker Zach Walker 6-6 Josh Tucker Rob Tucker 0-1 Varant Kurkeyerian 1. Zach Walker P3 W2 D1 L0 F19 A6 Pts 7 2. Varant Kurkeyerian P3 W2 D0 L1 F9 A8 Pts 6 3. Rob Tucker P3 W1 D0 L2 F7 A8 Pts 3 4. Josh Tucker P2 W0 D1 L2 F8 A21 Pts 1
Swiss derby between the Baumeler, father and daughter
Quarter Finals Erik Haefke 1-2 Paul O’Donovan Rossa Wayne Smith 0-7 Zach Walker Dan Cranston 7-0 Varant Kurkeyerian Trisha Baumeler 0-0 Thomas Baumeler Thomas Baumeler beat Trisha Baumeler 2-1 in shoot-out
Daniel Cranston vs Varant Kurkeyerian
Semi Finals Paul O’Donovan Rossa 1-4 Zach Walker Dan Cranston 2-1 Thomas Baumeler Final Daniel Cranston 3-4 Zach Walker (OT) 3rd/4th Place Play Off Thomas Baumeler 3-0 Paul O'Donovan Rossa FISTF/WASPA Los Angeles Open Champion 2014 – Zach Walker (Colorado)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Reminder about the National

Here are some more details about the National.

Saturday July 26th – arrive 8.30am for 9am flick-off
The ASA National Open (all ages)
The ASA National Veterans (aged 40+)
Mary Jane consolation competitions for both Open and Veterans

Sunday July 27th – arrive 9.00am for 9.30am flick-off
Open competition (all ages)
Mary Jane consolation competition for Open

$15 for both days play, and including two lunches

The Club House
Seabridge Lane
Huntington Beach
California 92646

Two Pictures of the Venue

Nearest airports to Huntington Beach
Los Angeles (LAX) – 36 miles
Irvine / Santa Ana (SNA) – 12 miles
The easiest mode of transport around southern California is car, so renting a car is recommended
Taxi from LAX to Huntington Beach is $120 each way
Taxi from SNA to Huntington Beach is $40 each way

Four recommended hotels close to venue
Regency Inn – 0.9 miles from venue

Best Western – 2.5 miles from venue

Huntington Surf Inn – 2.5 miles from venue

Hilton (pricier) – 2.3 miles from venue

All 16 hotels in Huntington Beach

Evening entertainment on Saturday night
Dinner and drinks at Dukes Restaurant, Pacific Cost Highway, Huntington Beach Pier 7.30pm

Responsibilities and Officials for the week-end’s play

Competition Organizer
Rob Tucker
Cell: 240-298-5796

Venue Organizer & Liaison
Competition Registration
Paul O’Donovan Rossa
Cell: 714-907-3658

Pitch Transportation and Set-Up
Steve Tucker

Head Referee
Wayne Smith

Register NOW for the ASA Nationals in July!
Please email or Facebook Paul O’Donovan Rossa with your wish to be registered to play at the Nationals, and your name will be added to the list of players attending below

Accident Waiver
All players will be required to sign on Saturday that they waive any claim for accident or incident whilst on the facilities at Seabridge and in the Clubhouse and vicinity – as taking out insurance to cover the unlikely event of anything occurring would be financially prohibitive upon this competition taking place

Travel and Accommodation Enquiries
Please direct any queries on Huntington Beach, and travel to and accommodation in Huntington Beach, to Paul O’Donovan Rossa and I will help the best I can (as a Huntington Beach resident, not a travel agent!)

If you are travelling out to this part of California it is a great opportunity to extend your stay and have a holiday or short break here – with all the beaches, beach events, Disney, whale watching (including blue whales in July) and Orange County shopping and evening life.  Any questions, just ask.

Players attending so far
Zach Walker (4 times and 2013 ASA Champion)
Daniel Cranston (2011 ASA Champion)
Neal Rivera
Craig Cousino
Josh Tucker
Cam Tucker
Rob Tucker
Steve Tucker
David Jensen
Varant Kurkeyerian
Wayne Smith
Paul O’Donovan Rossa

Unable to attend this year
Tom Shirley (ASA Chairman)
Paul Eyes (2012 ASA Champion)
Alex Batacchi

Huntington Beach (adapted from Wiki)
Huntington Beach is a seaside city in Orange County in southern California. The city is named after American businessman Henry E. Huntington in 1909.  According to the 2012 census, the city population was 189,707; making it the largest beach city in Orange County in terms of population (other nearby beach cities are Laguna Beach; Newport Beach; Sunset Beach; Seal Beach).  Huntington Beach is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the southwest, by Seal Beach on the northwest, by Costa Mesa on the east, by Newport Beach on the southeast, by Westminster on the north, and by Fountain Valley on the northeast.

Huntington Beach is known for its long 9.5-mile stretch of sandy beach, mild climate, excellent surfing and Subbuteo, and beach culture. The ocean waves are enhanced by a natural effect caused by the edge-diffraction of open ocean swells around the island of Catalina. Swells generated predominantly from the North Pacific in winter, and from a combination of Southern hemisphere storms and hurricanes in summer, focus on Huntington Beach creating consistent surf all year long.

Huntington Beach is the site of the world surfing championships, held in the summer every year. The city is often referred to as ‘Surf City’ because of this high profile event and its history and culture of surfing.  It is often called the "Surfing Capital of the World", not for the height of the waves, but rather for this consistent quality of surf.

Average temperature in July – 71F (high) 63F (low)

Pictures of Huntington Beach

Other pictures of Huntington Beach

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

George Vassiliades wins in San Francisco

The day was full of sunshine, the World Cup, and winning tournaments on goal differential for George Vassiliades and AEK Tibet. They Cypriot took the day thanks to a 1-1 draw against Hotspur Subbuteo, who finished the day in second place. After losing both of their games, Vincent's Olympique and Joe's South Berkeley SC went into the Wooden Spoon Final needing a win. It all came down to a draw, then extra time, THEN penalties (which the Frenchman won 2-1 after six rounds). All-in-all, a great day of flicking with good friends. Until next time!

(Report from the NCSC Facebook page)