Friday, April 22, 2016

Christian Filippella's super week-end in California

Two major competitions were held in Newbury Park, southern California over the week-end of April 16th/17th 2016. Players attended from as far and wide as Florida, Maryland, Minnesota and Colorado as well as the top players from southern California as well.

On Saturday the FISTF Satellite competition was won convincingly by Christian Filippella with an extraordinary 7-0 defeat of Paul Eyes in the Final. Up to that point Paul had played well in qualifying and the semi-final versus Mike Tillman, but he had no answer to Christian’s accuracy and impeccable shooting. Christian was a top player in Italy until retiring in 2001 and was recently discovered living in Hollywood, and has re-ignited his passion for Subbuteo, and it looks like that is going to be to the great benefit of USA Subbuteo and the ASA.

Walker vs Filippella in the Sunday final
On Sunday the American Subbuteo Association held its own California Open Cup competition, and the tournament field was strengthened further by the presence of seven-times USA champion Zach Walker. The match that everyone wanted to see occurred in the final between Christian Filippella and Zach. After Christian took the lead, Zach fought back to equalize in an even first half, but in the second half, gradual and intense pressure wore down Zach’s defence and Christian scored twice in the last four minutes to win the match 3-1. Zach created chances and came very close however. It was a tremendous match to finish a brilliant week-end of Subbuteo competition.

(Report by Paul O'Donovan Rossa)

Monday, March 28, 2016

Note from the President

Dear ASA Members,
The nomination phase for the emergency election of new members of the ASA Board has come to an end, with two candidates for two open spots. This means no vote is required, as the two nominees automatically get elected.

I am thrilled to announce that Gregg Deinhart from Virginia and Peter Vahle from California are the new ASA Members of the Board, joining Andrew Zunino (PA), Craig Cousino (NC) and myself (FL).

While US Subbuteo legend Gregg Deinhart needs no introduction (but his coming back as active and engaged player is certainly a wonderful sign our association is on the right path), I would like to welcome Peter to his first official role within the American Subbuteo Association. A long-time Subbuteo player and a University Professor, he’s been instrumental in the development of the game in the northern California region. I look forward to working with both of them, as well as to continuing leveraging the established strong partnership with Andrew and Craig.

I will wrap up with special thanks to the many members who expressed their interest in running for the role during the past couple of weeks, only to decide it was better for the association to endorse two candidates vs. going through the voting phase. This is yet another indication ASA is alive and kicking and we are ready to do great things together, no matter the official role we may have.
Thanks everyone! Flick on with passion. Always!

Dario Passadore
President, American Subbuteo Association

Monday, March 7, 2016

Emergency elections

Message from the ASA President

In a continued effort to overhaul the American Subbuteo Association and build the foundation for a prosperous future, we are making changes to the current Board. The role of the Board has already been redefined per the new ASA Bylaws and the Board Members no longer represent specific geographies as before (this is not the US government…). Additionally, we are refreshing the Board itself by changing two out of five members. Specifically, Peter Alegi and Zach Walker decided to step down and leave room for two new ASA members to play an active role in defining the future of our association. Our gratitude goes to both Peter and Zach for their terrific contribution during their tenure as Board Members and for their invaluable help contributing to the creation of the new ASA Bylaws.

Zach Walker will assume the role of Director of Membership within the ASA Executive Team effective immediately. Please join me congratulating Zach on the new role.

As a result of the two vacancies on the Board, I would like to officially start the emergency election process for the two open Board Member positions. If you would like to nominate someone for the ASA Board, please submit your nomination to me at no later than Sunday, March 20th. Candidates must be at least 21 years of age. Once the nomination process is completed, if there are more than two nominees, I will communicate the candidates and collect votes over the following two weeks.

Thank you,

Dario Passadore
President, American Subbuteo Association

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Alegi takes Lake Effect Trophy

On Saturday, January 30, the Lake Effect Trophy (ASA/WASPA) was played at the Woodland Sports indoor soccer complex. home of Grand Rapids Table Soccer Club. After two late withdrawals, five players faced off in a round-robin group, followed by semifinals and the final. Peter Alegi defeated Marcus Fila 3-2 in an exciting final (watch it here.) A crowd of spectators watched the games and several youngsters flicked for the first time on a demo table. The next ASA tournament in Grand Rapids will be Flicko de Mayo on May 7-8.

Lake Effect Trophy Results

Group Stage
Alegi-Sweetland 2-1
Fila-Galarza 3-0
Pate-Fila 0-1
Sweetland-Galarza 4-1
Fila-Alegi 1-4
Galarza-Pate 0-0
Alegi-Pate 2-0
Sweetland-Fila 1-2
Galarza-Alegi 0-5
Pate-Sweetland 1-0

Alegi 12 pts
Fila 9
Pate 4
Sweetland 3
Galarza 1

Alegi-Sweetland 5-0
Fila-Pate 3-2 (golden goal)

Alegi-Fila 3-2

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Statement from the ASA President

Dear US Flickers,
I am thrilled to provide you with some exciting news regarding the work we are doing to reform the American Subbuteo Association, promote the sport and create more and more opportunities to play the game in our country.
First of all, I officially announce the creation of the ASA Executive Team, responsible for the implementation of the ASA Strategic Plan as approved by the Board of Directors. The Executive Team, nominated by the President and acting under the President supervision, will meet on a monthly basis to track progress against established deadlines.

These are the different roles and responsibilities and the individual I nominated for the respective positions:

Secretary – ALEX BATACCHI (FL)
• Works with the President to set meeting agendas and arrange meeting logistics
• Takes minutes of ET meetings and makes them accessible
• Maintains ASA rankings and update them on the association website monthly
• Responsible for the communication of and the compliance to official FISTF playing rules
• Maintains the ASA current and historical records, document organization on the website, and performs such other duties as the President and the ET may prescribe

Director of Events – DAN CRANSTON (MD)
• Approves local and national tournaments
• Monitor compliance to ASA and FISTF rules and regulations
• Provides organizing Clubs with scheduling, promotional, marketing and financial tools and guidance to facilitate successful events
• Responsible for gathering tournament statistics and sharing them with the Secretary and the Director of Marketing
• Collects tournament fees and manages ASA Tournaments budget
• Organizes and sponsors ASA events

Director of Marketing (vacant)
• Creates, articulates, and implements strategic and tactical marketing plans and budgets working with the ET
• Develops, and executes all marketing and communications tools of the ASA
• Assists in the development and implementation of membership benefits
• Is responsible for refining, enhancing and communicating the ASA brand and ensuring its proper and consistent use both internally and externally
• Seeks opportunities to promote the ASA through all forms of media
• Oversees the marketing budget
• Is the voice of ASA on social and digital media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Four Square, Instagram, etc.
• Translates the ASA branding and marketing strategy into user-friendly and graphically compelling social media pages
• Monitors, listens, and responds to users on Twitter and Facebook
• Works with the ET and the Dir. of Marketing in particular to create and publish relevant content

Sports Director – PAUL EYES (MD)
• Actively promotes the further development of the game within the association
• Responsible for developing both playing and refereeing skills of US players through tips, articles, links, workshops, videos and any other relevant media
• Manages the ASA Table Soccer University, section of the association website dedicated to continuum education on the sport
• Acts as a subject matter expert on Subbuteo equipment, providing timely information on new vendors, technologies and materials available in the marketplace
• Helps define the ASA online shop assortment
• Works with the President, the Team USA Captain and the Board in selecting Team USA for international competitions

Director of Finance – VARANT KURKEYERIAN (CA)
• Keeps an account of all monies received and expended
• Is responsible to make deposit and payments as authorized by the President or other Members of the ET
• Consolidates budgeting proposals to produce annual budget for Board of Directors’ approval
• Provides a detailed financial report annually and a summary report quarterly to the President and the ET
• Is responsible for assuring compliance with tax and other regulatory requirements
• Works with an independent CPA to prepare and file annual federal and local tax returns
Director of Membership – ILIAS GIKAS (IL)
• Works with Club leaders on recruitment and retention of players
• Tracks and evaluates all ASA memberships and legitimacy of Clubs
• Works with the Dir. of Finance to ensure financial tracking of Club memberships
• Works with the Dir. of Marketing to develop marketing and promotional materials for member recruitment and retention
• Develops membership tools, including applications, onboarding, certificates, ID’s, and other collateral, in collaboration with the Dir. of Marketing
Additionally, I am glad to nominate Paul O’Donovan Rossa the new ASA Strategic Advisor.
Please join the ASA Board in welcoming these new officers and supporting them in the many ambitious projects they are tasked to complete for the benefits of all US players.

These are some of the top priorities we are currently working on and we will periodically report about:
- 2016 Budget
- New Membership Structure
- New Code of Conduct
- New ASA By-Laws, Policies and Procedures
- New Point System and Tournament Structure
- Revised ASA Website

As always, for any question or if you would like to apply for the open position of Director of Marketing, feel free to contact me at

Dario Passadore
President, American Subbuteo Association /

Friday, January 8, 2016

Lenny Foster takes the Copa de le Rocha

The players
On January 2nd, 6 players participated in the '2016 Copa de la Rocha' hosted by BUSL95, in Boise, Idaho. Lenny Foster defeated Eric Garza 2-0 in the final. All players were from host club BUSL95. This was also the very first WASPA tournament in Idaho. Congratulations to all the players involved!

Final Lenny Foster 2:0 Eric Garza.

Semi-finals Foster 2:0 Jonathan Smith Garza 2:0 Eddy McLane

Consolation Mike Jakubowski 2:1 Armando de Leon

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dan Cranston does it again

Daniel Cranston Holiday Silver champion
Dan Cranston of Maryland Subbuteo Club made it three Holiday Silver victories in a row on Dec.5 2015 at Patapsco Middle School in Ellicott City, MD. Dan navigated his way through a top quality field of 26 players in the Open Category. His first major hurdle was in a tight quarter final match with fellow club member Patrick Sheridan. Cranston would level the score at 1-1 in the last minute to take the match to overtime, where he would score a golden goal to move to the semi finals. Michael Tillman - a tough match up for Cranston - would be swept aside 4-2 as Cranston followed a typical pattern of building momentum as he progressed in the event. The final saw a match against Zach Walker of Colorado. Thirty minutes of regulation play did not produce a goal. In overtime, Cranston, who had been under siege, broke away to score a brilliant counter attacking goal to win the title.

In the veterans category, a nine player field came down to a final between Paul Eyes (Maryland) and Alex Batacchi (Tampa, FL). The match ended 0-0 after extra time. Eyes would win the shoot out 3-1.

In a non ASA/WASPA event 15 junior players played for the Patapsco Cup. Avery Klein defeated Vikas Reddy in the final.
Players on Sunday in the Shrine
On the Sunday play switched to The Shrine - Maryland Subbuteo Club’s home venue – with another Open event (field of 12 players) seeing Zach Walker exact some revenge over Cranston 3-0 in the final to win the Knockout Cup. During morning play, a two man team challenge event took place. Midwest Squared (Zach Walker and Peter Alegi) defeated Florida (Dario Passadore and Alex Batacchi) on shots after the match score ended 1-1. 41 players over the weekend, we look forward to seeing everyone next year for the 23rd playing of the event. (Report by Paul Eyes)