Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dario Passadore dominates Belgians in Delray Beach

What a great day of table soccer in Delray Beach, Florida! Five players, including Vincent and Alyssa Guyaux from Belgium, battled for several hours in a group format with two games against each other. After losing the inaugural game 2-1 against Vincent Guyaux, Dario Passadore eventually won the tournament by dominating the second match and beating the Belgium 4-0. Special thanks to all participants for their sportsmanship and for a successful event!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Alex Batacchi wins the Suncoast Open

Alex Batacchi topped the Standings after an incredible hard fought round robin , with Isabel playing very well and Dario emerging as a new star player in Florida, Sasha showed good touch but still too young to maintain focus on the game.
"With the absence of the other two Club players Daniel Louis and James Hulsey the field look smaller, but it was indeed nevertheless a great day of fun a table soccer", reported Alex Batacchi.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Tom Shirley wins in Ringgold

Tom Shirley wins 2015 Scenic City Subbuteo Spectacular over Simon Neil, 2-0 in Ringgold, GA. In a great day of action. Seven players made it to Tom's house and there was plenty of great goals, near misses and great fun for all the participants. Mark Able beat David Quallas in the 3rd place final. Congratulations to all.

Daniel Cranston wins in Pennsylvania

The 2015 Pennsylvania Subbuteo Championship is in the books. Daniel Cranston was able to successfully defend his championship with a 3–2 victory over Massimo Conturso. Daniel was able to jump out to a 3–0 lead but had to fight off a furious comeback by Massimo.
Daniel and Massimo in the final
Thank you to all the players who participated in this year tournament and made it a success. Complete results will be posted in the next few days but below are the final standings. 1. Daniel Cranston 2. Massimo Conturso 3. Gregg Deinhart 3. Michael Tillman 5. Paul Eyes 5. Adolfo Colindres 5. Andrea Gasparini 5. Eddie Davidson 9. Benny Nuger (Keystone Cup Champion) 10. Andrew Zunino 11. Jeff Davidson
Paul Eyes and Andrea Gasparini
Daniel Cranston receives his trophy from Andrew Zunino

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Report of the Flicko de Mayo tournament

Congratulations to ERIK HAEFKE (Iowa; Chicago United) for his first tournament win in Michigan, defeating perennial finalist and title holder Peter Alegi (Lansing MI; Chicago United) 4-3 in sudden death overtime. Nine participants at the annual Flicko de Mayo, for the second time a FISTF Satellite, enjoyed a great high-scoring tournament. Dario Passadore from Florida pulled off a 3-2 win against Ilias Gikas (Chicago) in the group stage to keep him from a repeat semi-final against Peter Alegi. Alegi won the all-Italian semi-final 2-0, while Erik Haefke won an open encounter with Marcus Fila 5-2. The final saw Alegi down two quick goals, but he recovered to tie 2-2 before a further marker from Haefke put the Iowan ahead at half time. The second half saw no further scoring until around 15 seconds from time, when Alegi scored the equaliser. To no avail, however, as Haefke walked off with the trophy by scoring the golden goal four minutes into overtime.

Group A: Alegi 8 Pate 1, Fila 7 Galarza 0, Alegi 3-0F Galarza, Fila 3 Pate 3, Alegi 2 Fila 0, Pate 3-0F Galarza.
Group B: Passadore 5 Sweetland 0, Haefke 3 Ewer 0, Gikas 4 Sweetland 0, Passadore 0 Ewer 1, Gikas 4 Ewer 2, Passadore 1 Haefke 3, Gikas 3 Haefke 5, Ewer 1 Sweetland 2, Gikas 2 Passadore 3, Haefke 4 Sweetland 0.

Group A
Peter Alegi ........... 3 3-0-0 13-1 9
Marcus Fila .......... 3 1-1-1 10-5 4 (GD, forfeits excluded)
Paul Pate .............. 3 1-1-1 7-11 4
Alex Galarza ......... 3 0-0-3 0-13 0

Group B
Erik Haefke ........... 4 4-0-0 15-4 12
Dario Passadore ... 4 2-0-2 9-6 6 (H2H 3-2)
Ilias Gikas ............. 4 2-0-2 13-10 6
Chris Sweetland ... 4 1-0-3 2-14 3 (H2H 2-1)
Mike Ewer ............ 4 1-0-3 4-9 3

Consolation Final
Gikas 5 Pate 0

Alegi 2 Passadore 0
Haefke 5 Fila 2

Haefke 4 Alegi 3 (AET)

(Report from MiSTFA)

Report of the California Cup

Last weekend, May 2nd & 3rd, saw the coming together of the Northern and Southern California Subbuteo leagues for the first annual “California Cup” in San Francisco. This exciting inaugural event included a round-robin on day-one (allowing each NorCal and SoCal player to meet and play each other in a competitive but friendly and sporting “getting to know you” atmosphere), and two “teams” competitions on day-two consisting of mixed-teams rounds (allowing NorCal and SoCal players to join together against their own and opposing league member in a fast-paced and exciting competition) and a final, thrilling, “North vs. South” teams round, decided in the end only by a decisive “golden goal” in sudden death overtime! Despite the competitive edge, this year’s tournament focused on our two great California leagues meeting, building friendships, and looking ahead to the growth of table soccer in California. Participants enjoyed two great days of fun, comradery, and of course, plenty of Subbuteo. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated and made our first annual California Cup a terrific success! And special thanks to our new friend Tonny Villarreal for capturing it all so beautifully on film!

(Report by Conan Mullen)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Michigan Spring Classic for Peter Alegi

Nathan Pate (left) and Chris Sweetland played to a scoreless draw in the Spring Classic
On Saturday, April 11, a WASPA tournament took place at the Woodland Sports complex in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was the first official event of the year organized by the Michigan Subbuteo Table Football Association and a warm up to the FISTF Satellite "Flicko de Mayo" scheduled for May 2. Peter Alegi won the Spring Classic with four victories and no goals conceded, with Nathan Pate just edging out his dad, Paul, for second place. Chris Sweetland (from Chicago) and Alex Galarza rounded out the table during a fun and competitive afternoon of flicking. Unfortunately, Mike Ewer was a last-minute scratch due to illness.

Scores Nathan Pate - Peter Alegi 0-2 Chris Sweetland - Alex Galarza 2-0 A. Galarza - N. Pate 0-3 P. Alegi - Paul Pate 3-0 C. Sweetland - P. Alegi 0-1 A. Galarza - P. Pate 0-2 A. Galarza - P. Alegi 0-3 N. Pate - C. Sweetland 0-0 N. Pate - P. Pate 1-0 P. Pate - C. Sweetland 1-0

Final Table
P. Alegi 12 pts
N. Pate 7 pts
P. Pate 6 pts
C. Sweetland 4 pts
A. Galarza 0 pts

(Report by MiSTFA)