Board of directors

American Subbuteo Association board of directors are:

• Dario Passadore (FL), President
• Andrew Zunino (PA), Vice President for the East
• Chris Sweetland (IL), Vice President for the Midwest
• Craig Cousino(NC), Vice President for the South
• Zach Walker (CO), Vice President for the West

(Last update on December 30, 2015)


  1. Hey ASA

    I was trying to contact a member, Eric Walton. A few years ago he expressed interest in my indoor set, which I am now selling and I like to offer him first dibs. Thanks, Chris

  2. I am trying to find a place to purchase this in the US. After seeing all the great stuff on YouTube, I'm hooked and want to play this with the rest of my soccer crazy and game-loving family, but I can't justify $70 (for starters) on a game and seems to be out of business. :(