Monday, March 28, 2016

Note from the President

Dear ASA Members,
The nomination phase for the emergency election of new members of the ASA Board has come to an end, with two candidates for two open spots. This means no vote is required, as the two nominees automatically get elected.

I am thrilled to announce that Gregg Deinhart from Virginia and Peter Vahle from California are the new ASA Members of the Board, joining Andrew Zunino (PA), Craig Cousino (NC) and myself (FL).

While US Subbuteo legend Gregg Deinhart needs no introduction (but his coming back as active and engaged player is certainly a wonderful sign our association is on the right path), I would like to welcome Peter to his first official role within the American Subbuteo Association. A long-time Subbuteo player and a University Professor, he’s been instrumental in the development of the game in the northern California region. I look forward to working with both of them, as well as to continuing leveraging the established strong partnership with Andrew and Craig.

I will wrap up with special thanks to the many members who expressed their interest in running for the role during the past couple of weeks, only to decide it was better for the association to endorse two candidates vs. going through the voting phase. This is yet another indication ASA is alive and kicking and we are ready to do great things together, no matter the official role we may have.
Thanks everyone! Flick on with passion. Always!

Dario Passadore
President, American Subbuteo Association

Monday, March 7, 2016

Emergency elections

Message from the ASA President

In a continued effort to overhaul the American Subbuteo Association and build the foundation for a prosperous future, we are making changes to the current Board. The role of the Board has already been redefined per the new ASA Bylaws and the Board Members no longer represent specific geographies as before (this is not the US government…). Additionally, we are refreshing the Board itself by changing two out of five members. Specifically, Peter Alegi and Zach Walker decided to step down and leave room for two new ASA members to play an active role in defining the future of our association. Our gratitude goes to both Peter and Zach for their terrific contribution during their tenure as Board Members and for their invaluable help contributing to the creation of the new ASA Bylaws.

Zach Walker will assume the role of Director of Membership within the ASA Executive Team effective immediately. Please join me congratulating Zach on the new role.

As a result of the two vacancies on the Board, I would like to officially start the emergency election process for the two open Board Member positions. If you would like to nominate someone for the ASA Board, please submit your nomination to me at no later than Sunday, March 20th. Candidates must be at least 21 years of age. Once the nomination process is completed, if there are more than two nominees, I will communicate the candidates and collect votes over the following two weeks.

Thank you,

Dario Passadore
President, American Subbuteo Association