Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Peter Alegi wins the 2015 Turkey Shoot tournament

The 2015 Turkey Shoot, a Michigan subbuteo tradition, held on Sunday was the first hosted by the new Grand Rapids Table Soccer Club (http://grtsc.wordpress.com). The number of players was smaller than expected due to some last-minute withdrawals, but it was still a good Sunday of flicking. Many young soccer players watched the competition and tried Subbuteo for the first time on the demonstration table. Peter Alegi defeated Mike Ewer in the final while Paul Pate and Brian Lambert shared third place.

For full results go to: https://grtsc.wordpress.com/2015/11/08/2015-turkey-shoot-tournament/

Sunday, November 22, 2015

American players in the different rankings

ASA Players in FISTF Rankings “Open” category (November 2015)

107 Cranston, Daniel
130 Walker, Zach
205 Haefke, Erik
238 O’Donovan Rossa, Paul
300 Tillman, Michael
309 Alegi, Peter
328 Kurkeyerian, Varant
348 Passadore, Dario
462 Russell, Stuart
468 Smith, Wayne
535 Tucker, Rob
540 Gikas, Ilias
594 Gasparini, Andrea
649 Sweetland, Chris
745 Tucker, Steve
746 Tucker, Josh
750 Casaca, Joao
866 Zunino, Andrew
867 Tumminaro, Tim
868 Pate, Paul
869 Casaca, Joao Bruno
970 Mullen, Conan

ASA Players in FISTF Rankings “Veterans” category (November 2015)

241 O’Donovan Rossa, Paul
259 Kurkeyerian, Varant
292 Sweetland, Chris
293 Passadore, Dario
294 Alegi, Peter
450 Haefke, Erik

ASA Players in WASPA Rankings (October 2015)

34 Daniel Cranston Maryland SC
58 Peter Alegi Grand Rapids TSC
60 Zach Walker TSC Black Rose '98 Roma
66 Alex Batacchi Tampa Bay TSC
95 Paul O'Donovan Rossa Kent Invicta
95 Dario Passadore Florida Sharks TFC
99 Paul Eyes USA Maryland SC
117 Peter Vahle USA Northern California SC
125 Conan Mullen USA Northern California SC
138 Ilias Gikas USA Chicago United TSC
149 Erik Haefke USA Chicago United TSC
206 Tom Shirley USA Chattanooga Subbuteo League
216 Michail Keskinidis USA Northern California SC
220 Miko Mann USA Greenbrier HS Subbuteo Club
233 Michael Tillman USA Maryland SC
244 Varant Kurkeyerian USA Southern California Subbuteo Club
282 Gregg Deinhart USA Washington Tuesday SL
308 Craig Cousino USA Carolina Table Soccer Charlotte
333 Isabel Batacchi USA Tampa Bay TSC
343 Patrick Sheridan USA Maryland SC
343 Wayne Smith USA Southern California Subbuteo Club
343 George Vassiliades USA Northern California SC
352 Darren Koffman USA Misflickers SC
361 Massimo Conturso USA SC Connecticut
368 Eric Cha USA Patapsco SC
368 Simon Neil USA Chattanooga Subbuteo League
368 Neal Rivera USA Maryland SC
400 Nate Pate USA Grand Rapids TSC
421 Sean Mann USA Augusta Subbuteo FC
421 Vincent Vidal USA Northern California SC
429 Paul Pate USA Grand Rapids TS
433 Reed Norton USA Augusta Subbuteo FC
454 Adolfo Colindres USA Maryland SC
454 Tim Tumminaro USA Chicago United TSC
481 Stuart Russell USA Maryland SC
485 Sacha Passadore USA Florida Sharks TFC
493 Steve Tucker USA Southern California Subbuteo Club
509 Rob Tucker USA Southern California Subbuteo Club
522 Reggie Redd USA Augusta Subbuteo FC
535 Andrew Zunino USA Philadelphia Subbuteo Futbol Syndicate
550 Steve Laskey USA Cleveland Metro TFC
570 Michael Kimack USA Patapsco SC
620 David Qualls USA Chattanooga Subbuteo League
620 Abigail Wagner USA (no club)
642 Thomas Hamilton USA Augusta Subbuteo FC
642 Sam Rice USA (no club)
682 John Coyle USA Chattanooga Subbuteo League
682 Brian King USA North Alabama Subbuteo
682 Forest Pavel USA Augusta Subbuteo FC
682 Joe Schmidt USA Northern California SC
715 Milaine De Diego USA Florida Sharks TFC
715 Andrea Gasparini USA CR Vasco da Gama Futmesa
728 Max Ambrosio USA Kansas City Table Soccer Club
756 Cameron Tucker USA Southern California Subbuteo Club
759 Mark Able USA Chattanooga Subbuteo League
759 Chris Barron USA Lone Star Subbuteo League
759 Jeff Drake USA Misflickers SC
759 Dewey LaRochelle USA Washington Tuesday SL
759 Virgil Goodin USA Kansas City TSC
794 Timothy Kim USA Patapsco SC
794 Jake Scarbath USA Patapsco SC
822 David Jensen USA Southern California Subbuteo Club
822 Jamie Zacharda USA (no club)
852 Jody Schaaf USA Savannah SC
859 Eddie Davidson USA SC Connecticut
859 Mike Hitselberger USA (no club)
859 Jimmy Nolan USA Maryland SC
859 Pat O'Brien USA Florida Sharks TFC
969 Daniel Louis USA Tampa Bay TSC
969 Brock Sievertson USA Greenbrier HS Subbuteo Club
992 Alex Galarza USA Grand Rapids TSC
992 James Husley USA Tampa Bay TSC
1017 Brad Hendricks USA Kansas City Subbuteo League
1020 Ryan Jung USA Patapsco SC
1020 Avery Klein USA Patapsco SC
1020 Joe Nolan USA Patapsco SC
1020 Vikas Reddy USA Patapsco SC
1039 Eric Smith USA Augusta Subbuteo FC
1054 Rory Nolan USA Maryland SC
1054 Matt Steinmuller USA Maryland SC
1054 Doshu Tosheki USA (no club)
1107 Shane McNulty USA Kansas City Subbuteo League
1110 Joao Casaca USA Southern California Subbuteo Club
1128 Christian Brunson USA Greenbrier HS Subbuteo Club
1128 José Miguel De Diego USA Florida Sharks TFC
1128 Roderick Ysaguirre USA Chicago United TSC
1189 Benny Nuger USA Maryland SC
1189 Jonathan Young USA Chattanooga Subbuteo League
1195 Ricky Alvarez USA Chicago United TSC
1213 Sid Bond USA (no club)
1213 Josh Tucker USA Southern California Subbuteo Club
1250 Sarah Able USA Chattanooga Subbuteo League
1283 Bryan Arnold USA (no club)
1283 Jeff Davidson USA SC Connecticut
1283 Jake Galla USA Patapsco SC
1283 Chad Idema USA Grand Rapids TSC
1283 Tony Kees USA Chicago United TSC
1283 Jack Lorenz USA Patapsco SC
1283 Liam MacKinnnon USA Patapsco SC
1283 Brendan Mayhugh USA (no club)
1283 Prem Mehta USA Patapsco SC
1283 Tej Mehta USA (no club)
1283 Frank Montabon USA Iowa Subbuteo Club
1283 Robert Morse USA Patapsco SC
1283 Hunter Norton USA Augusta Subbuteo FC
1283 Abishay Reddy USA Patapsco SC
1283 Matt Sanders USA Chattanooga Subbuteo League
1283 Nick Schmidt USA Northern California SC
1283 Garrett Snyder USA Patapsco SC
1283 Kaegan Stottemeyer USA Patapsco SC
1283 Therron Thomas USA (no club)
1283 J. Vaught USA Augusta Subbuteo FC
1283 Bruno Casaca USA Southern California Subbuteo Club
1512 Javier King USA North Alabama Subbuteo
1516 Timothy Cousino USA (no club)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Elections for new ASA President

As you may have read on the American Subbuteo Association Facebook page, Chris Sweetland had to resign his position as our president.  While we are saddened by this, we understand his reasons and wish him nothing but the best and look forward to see him at future ASA events.  With that in mind, we need to elect a new president.  As the Vice-President of the East Region, I would like to start the call to nomination for a new ASA President.  If you would like to nominate someone for ASA President, please submit your nomination to our secretary, Matt Fox, at eckatofox@netscape.net.  Canidates must be at least 21 years of age.  The nomination process will be over a two week period (November 16, 2015 - November 29, 2015) and the election process, if there are more than one nominee, will be held over the following two weeks.  We look forward to electing our new President!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The 2015 Delaware Valley Open for Daniel Cranston

The players
The 2015 Delaware Valley Open presented by Yuengling Lager, Yuengling Lager, the offical lager of the Delaware Valley Open, has just concluded with Daniel Cranston winning his second DVO title. Daniel Cranston defeated Paul Eyes 2-1 in front of a sold out crowd of five in the finals. With the score tied 1-1 at the half, Daniel got the go-ahead goal with four minutes left to secure the victory. In the Mushroom Cup consolation final, Neal Rivera defeated Andrew Zunino by a score of 2-1. The attendance for that final was two. Thank you to all the players who participated in this years event. It is always my pleasure hosting this event.
Action during the final
The final
The final results are listed below: 1. Daniel Cranston 2. Paul Eyes 3. Adolfo Colindres 4. Gregg Deinhart 5. Neal Rivera 6. Andrew Zunino 7. Bryan Arnold 8. Douglas Thozomas (Report by Andrew Zunino)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New club in Virginia

The NoVA Union Subbuteo Club is based in Northern Virginia and is open to all. Interested players can contact Bryan Arnold at bogey614@verizon.net or check the club's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/NoVAUnionSC/843196079135327