Thursday, October 29, 2015

The 616 Cup for Peter Alegi

Peter Alegi took out revenge on Marcus Fila for his historic round robin defeat and won the 616 Cup held in Grand Rapids, MI in a tight affair by a 1-0 scoreline. Paul Pate and Mike Ewer were the losing semi finalists, both being knocked out by 4-1 scorelines.

Group stage:
1. Marcus Fila (Kentwood MI) 10
2. Peter Alegi (E.Lansing MI) 9
3. Paul Pate (Rockford MI) 6
4. Mike Ewer (Grand Rapids MI) 4
5. Alex Galarza (Grand Rapids MI) 0

Semis: Marcus 4 Mike 1 Peter 4 Paul 1

Final: Marcus 0 Peter 1

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Turkey Classic for Alex Batacchi

The sixth edition of the Turkey Classic played Sunday October the 25th on the Batacchi Grounds in Tampa Bay, Florida was another success of fun, friendship and very competitive Subbuteo table soccer. 3 players from the Florida Sharks TSC (Dario Passadore, Milaine Andrade and Jose Miguel De Diego), Virgil Goodin from the Kansas City TSC joined Isabel and Alex Batacchi. The qualifying groups did not produce surprises even though there were sign of improvements in Milaine and Jose' games. The Championship group saw some tight encounters between the 3 Floridians, with Virgil unable to keep the pace, Dario was able to reach the final just on goal differential after tied his game with a very good Isabel, and loosing a very close one with Alex.
There was a fantastic final game between the "Turkey Classic King" Alex Batacchi and the charging/emerging Dario Passadore (second couple of weeks ago in California), directed very well as referee by Virgil between the two incredible competitor friends. Congratulations to Alex for his final victory. (Report from the Tampa Bay facebook page)

The Corsendonk Cup for Alex Batacchi

Dario Passadore and Alex Batacchi
There was subbuteo action last saturday in Florida where the Tampa Bay club organized the "Corsendonk Cup" with six players taking part. After the first stage, the top three players met for the title while the three others played a Mary Jane tournament. Alex Batacchi was the final winner while Dario passadore was runner-up. Isabel Batacchi was third and Sasha Passadore won the Mary Jane tournament. Congratulations to all. Tampa Bay will see the visit of Kansas City table soccer club player Virgil Goodin and a tournament (name to be determined) will be held on Sunday, October 25th. It will be A.S.A. and W.A.S.P.A. sanctioned.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The honors for Jesper Nieslen in California

The FISTF Future of Newbury Park, California took place on October 11, 2015. The tournament was also counting for the WASPA circuit. The players from California had the pleasure to meet friends from Denmark and Jesper Staal Nielsen was the star guest of the tournament. Players were dropped in two groups. Nielsen was the best player and defeated Rob Tucker in the semi (8-0) and Dario Passadore from Florida (6-1) in the final. Paul O'Donovan Rossa was the other semi-finalist and Joao Casaca won the consolation tournament.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Team USA at the 2015 Subbuteo World Cup

By Peter Alegi

In September 2015, the American Subbuteo Association sent eight players—its largest delegation ever—to the FISTF World Cup in Italy. National champion and team captain Zach Walker (Colorado), Daniel Cranston (Maryland), Paul O’Donovan Rossa (California), and Andrea Gasparini (Massachusetts) competed in the Open category. Varant Kurkeyerian (California), Dario Passadore (Florida), Peter Alegi (Michigan), and Chris Sweetland (ASA President, Illinois) played in the Veteran category.

The team trained in Rome in the days prior to the World Cup. On September 9 and 10, our friends at Black Rose Roma TSC warmly and generously welcomed us to their clubhouse in Fiumicino. We played lots of friendlies and enjoyed two wonderful dinners. On the second night, members of S.S. Lazio TFC also joined us for an exciting evening of flicking.

On Friday morning, we rose early to make the road trip from Rome to San Benedetto del Tronto, a seaside town in the Marche region and the largest commercial fishing port in Italy. The 2.5-hour car ride took us through the Appenine mountains and a 6-mile tunnel under the Gran Sasso. Upon arrival, we took part in two friendly international tournaments at the Porto Grande mall. The first used Old Subbuteo rules and equipment, an interesting experiment! The second tournament featured Wales, Czech Republic, Japan, and eventual winner USA.

The feverish pace continued as we checked into the hotel and then attended the opening ceremony, draw, and dinner. The World Cup opened on Saturday at the Palazzo dello Sport “Bernardo Speca” with the individual competition. Cranston flew the Stars and Stripes high as the only American to qualify for the knockout stage.

The team event took place on Sunday. Team USA made history by winning its first-ever World Cup match against Switzerland in the Open category. Drawn with powerhouses Italy and Portugal, however, the team placed third in the group and was eliminated. The Veterans side came in last in a “group of death” that included eventual World champions Spain, Italy, England, and Germany.

In the end, this World Cup adventure was a memorable experience. We had fun, renewed old friendships and made many new ones, improved our game, and integrated the United States more closely into the global network of subbuteo table soccer.