Monday, June 8, 2015

Daniel Cranston wins in Pennsylvania

The 2015 Pennsylvania Subbuteo Championship is in the books. Daniel Cranston was able to successfully defend his championship with a 3–2 victory over Massimo Conturso. Daniel was able to jump out to a 3–0 lead but had to fight off a furious comeback by Massimo.
Daniel and Massimo in the final
Thank you to all the players who participated in this year tournament and made it a success. Complete results will be posted in the next few days but below are the final standings. 1. Daniel Cranston 2. Massimo Conturso 3. Gregg Deinhart 3. Michael Tillman 5. Paul Eyes 5. Adolfo Colindres 5. Andrea Gasparini 5. Eddie Davidson 9. Benny Nuger (Keystone Cup Champion) 10. Andrew Zunino 11. Jeff Davidson
Paul Eyes and Andrea Gasparini
Daniel Cranston receives his trophy from Andrew Zunino

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