Friday, May 9, 2014

Vice Presidential seats

Vice Presidential seats for the ASA BoD are coming up soon. As stated in our bylaws below, we need to start accepting nominations in June. The ASA secretary is Matt Fox ( and he's in charge to accept nominations and votes for this as per below.

Articles from the ASA bylaws

Vice Presidential Elections – Each Region of the ASA is represented on the Board of Directors by a Vice President.  Vice Presidents are elected in even numbered years by a popular vote by members registered in their region.

· The ASA Secretary is responsible for collecting nominations and votes for Vice Presidential Elections.  The ASA Secretary can not collect votes or nominations for the region in which he/she belongs.  Instead, the ASA President or selected Vice President shall fill in for the ASA Secretary in this role.

· Vice Presidential nominations are accepted from June 1st to June 30th  in each even numbered year.

· Voting is open during the month of July for Vice Presidential Elections.

· The winner of the Vice Presidential Elections will be announced by the end of the first full week of August.

·  If no candidate is willing to run for VP from a region, any person, from any region, who has been a member-at-large for at least two years and is at least 18 years in age, can put his/her name forth for election. If this happens, the members-at-large will have 30 days to vote for their choice. The VPs shall serve their terms, beginning September 1 of the even numbered years.

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