Friday, February 18, 2011

Season 10 finished

The Southern California Subbuteo Club's Season 10 finished on Febraury 18, 2011.

VfL Osnaflick won the league championship, winning all but one of their games.  Perdenti Glorioso, surprised everyone with their strong play,  finished in second.   West Germany 1990 missed their chance to share second place by losing their last game of the season, finished in third.  Simi City won their last three games to share third with the Germans.  Red Star finished in fourth, Hollywood Hammers in fifth, and Kumba finished last.

The League Cup final had the league champions, Osnaflick, facing the Hammers.  The Hammers had caused two "cupsets" earlier beating Simi City in the first round, and Red Star in the semi final.  The result of the final did not accurately show how close the final was.

The winners
The Winners
  • Dominic Hutchinson (left) as Kumba: Wooden Spoon.
  • Kevin Nieman (center) as Perdenti Glorioso:  Runners up cup and "Player of the Season".
  • Wayne Smith (right) as VfL Osnaflick:  League champions and League Cup winners.

Final league table, results, photographs, and all the reports for Season 10 can be found here»