Sunday, January 2, 2011

ASA Board Elections

ASA Elections Process.

It is time to elect a new Board to the ASA Board of Directors. The ASA has four director (VP) positions, one for each region. You can check which region you are located in Here.

Specifically the roles of the VP from the ASA bylaws are:
A Vice President needs to be at least 18 years of age and may not be from the same club as the ASA President. Each region shall elect a leader, called an ASA Vice President (VP) who will serve a two-year term. Each Vice President will serve a two-year term beginning on the first day of the season of the even numbered year. The function for the ASA VP from each region is as follows:

Vice Presidents are responsible for voting on all major issues involving the ASA
Vice Presidents are responsible for communicating with their regional members on key issues.
Vice Presidents solicit and nominate to the President all other ASA Chairpersons.

The current VP incumbents and status updates (as of 1/1/11) for the elections are:
Massimo Conturso, vice president East region – Massimo is a declared candidate for another term
Mitch Morice, vice president Mid-west region – Mitch has served his full term and is stepping down. Candidates needed for this position.
Tom Shirley, vice president South region. Candidates needed.
Wayne Smith, vice president West region. Wayne is stepping down and Simon Hutchinson is a declared candidate.

Our current Secretary is Jeremy Stroop. Jeremy is the primary contact for declaring candidature and voting in the elections. Jeremy can be contacted at:

If you wish to run for a VP position (and meet the outlined criteria) you have until Jan 15th to declare that you wish to run. ASA members will then be updated with the status in each region before we proceed to the voting stage.

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