Thursday, March 18, 2010

Western States Open

Southern California Subbuteo Club

After a year's hiatus the Western States Open returned to California as part of the Southern California Subbuteo Club's 25th anniversary celebrations. This year's tournament was special as it was also a FISTF Satellite, the first time a FISTF santioned tournament had been played in the Golden State.

The turn out was a disappointing considering this was the biggest event of the year for Subbuteo. Thank you to all of those who did make the effort to take part.

Wayne Smith became the first person to win the WSO four times. He cruised through the group stage and the barrage rounds winning all of his games, scoring 17 and conceding only three goals in five games. David Jensen finished runner up, the second time he has been a beaten finalist. In the third place play off game John Carroll bested Simon Hutchinson by a single goal.

Kevin Nieman beat Dominic Hutchinson in the Mary Jane, Consolation, tournament final to claim his second Mary Jane win in as many tournaments. Sean Daly finished third.

You can see photographs, results, and read the match reports on the Western States Open 2010 page.

The winners

Open winner
Wayne Smith

Mary Jane winner
Kevin Nieman

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paul Eyes Is Your New President Elect

Following the resignation of El Presidente, nominations were accepted for 2 weeks. Paul Eyes received the only nomination, and thereby wins the election by a landslide.

Suggestions for unofficial title, since Lenny is considered by most to be El Presidente For Life, include Prime Minister and Prime Flickster. I've always referred to Paul as The Godfather of USA Subbuteo, so Godfather is not inappropriate.

Negotiations for transfer of power are still taking place. Stay tuned for more information.