Sunday, November 21, 2010

California State Championship 2010

California State Championship trophies

The 2010 California State Championship was played on 20 November in Simi Valley.

This year's winners were:
- State Champion -Wayne Smith
- Missions trophy -Steve Tucker
- Sierra trophy (U19) -Dominic Hutchinson

Wayne Smith has won the State Championship for all four years this tournament has been played.

The runners up spot, and the Missions trophy, was a three way race that went down to the last round of games. Steve Tucker won his last game and finished ahead of Simon Hutchinson and Kevin Nieman, who shared third place.

Dominic Hutchinson was awarded the Sierras trophy as the only under 19 player present. He also deserves an honorable mention for his performance.

A full report and photographs can be found here»

State Champion

Wayne Smith
Missions trophy winner

Steve Tucker
Sierras trophy winner

Dominic Hutchinson