Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ASA Open August 2010

Participants in the ASA Open

The American Subbuteo Association Open held by the Southern California Subbuteo Club on Saturday August 7, 2010, was the highest scoring tournament in the history of the club. The seven players managed to score 56 goals in 21 games, an average of 2.67 goals per game.

Wayne Smith's streak of Open wins continued as he finished in first place again, having won all six of his games.

In an exciting finish Simon Hutchinson claimed second place on goal difference from Steve Tucker, who had impressed everyone by his play as he had not flicked for six months.

David Jensen's victory over Kevin Nieman allowed him to finish in fourth place, with Kevin finishing in fifth.

Dominic Hutchinson resolute defending and goalkeeping may not have won him any game, but it did allow him to tie three games and finish in sixth place. John Carroll's defense was not so robust and he finished in seventh, with two ties.

A full report of this tournament can be found on the ASA Open August 2010 page