Thursday, February 25, 2010

ASA Open February 20, 2010

Steve Tucker shooting and Simon Hutchinson saving

The first American Subbuteo Association Open of the year to be hosted by the Southern California Subbuteo Club was played on Saturday February 20, in Simi Valley.

The day started with six players, but after three games Dominic Hutchinson was taken ill and had to withdraw from the tournament.  His remaining games were awarded as 3-0 wins to his opponents.

Wayne Smith won his umpteenth Open, winning all of his games and only conceding two goals.

Steve Tucker finished in second place, a remarkable feat as he had not flicked a Subbuteo figure for six months.

Simon Hutchinson rounded out the top three, losing to Steve in the Open semi final.  He played even though he had been in a serious car accident six days earlier and was under the influence of strong pain killers, that delayed his reactions time.

Kevin Nieman won the "Mary Jane" final.  He had been in second place until the last round of games in the Group stage, when Simon beat him and consigned him to the bottom half of the Group.

David Jensen finished "Mary Jane" runner up in a spirited final, that was decided in over time.

A full report of this tournament and photographs can be found on the ASA Open February 2010 page»

Finalists shake hands