Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rex C Bases available in the US

Steve Laskey in Ohio continues to sell the excellent pro level Rex C bases here in the USA. These excellent bases are used by a number of top players in the USA and range from $45-50 for a set of 12 bases and rings. Check with Steve for availability and pricing. You can get all the information here by visiting the Queen City Table Soccer Club Website

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Miguel Marques wins the A.Gasparini Invitational

Salem SC founder and SCC honorary member, Andrea Gasparini came back to competitive Subbuteo after a 3-year hiatus and joined Miguel Marques & Massimo Conturso to form a formidable trio of 2006 US Nationals' semifinalists.. Read more

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Open rolling rankings for December 2010

Tournaments since last rankings : Holiday Silver
Updated 12-19-2010
Rank Player State Events Total Points Points
1 Zach Walker VA 4 86 86
2 Paul Eyes MD 4 79 79
3 Daniel Cranston MD 4 61 61
4 Massimo Conturso CT 4 60 60
5 Byung Kim MD 4 55 55
6(t) Michael Tillman MD 3 53 53
6(t) Patrick Sheridan MD 3 53 53
8 Matt Steinmuller MD 3 46 46
9 Alex Batacchi FL 3 42 42
10 Miguel Marques CT 4 41 41
11 Neal Warren Rivera MD 3 36 36
12 Adolfo Colindres MD 3 32 32
13 Brendan Dames MD 2 30 30
14 Wayne Smith CA 5 28 28
15 Ed Morgans MD 3 26 26

U19 rolling rankings December 2010

Tournaments since last rankings : Holiday Silver
2007-08-09 ASA U19 Rolling Rankings
Updated 12-28-2009
Rank Player State Events Total Points Points
1 Michael Tillman MD 3 36 36
2 Matt Steinmuller MD 3 33 33
3(t) Byung Kim MD 3 28 28
3(t) Stuart Russell MD 2 28 28
5(t) Daniel Cranston MD 2 27 27
5(t) Patrick Sheridan MD 2 27 27
7 Ryan Kenny MD 2 17 17
8 Benny Nuger MD 3 14 14
9 Matt Giffen MD 1 12 12
10(t) Brendan Dames MD 1 8 8
10(t) Brian Mengele MD 1 8 8
10(t) Evan Mortiboys MD 1 8 8
10(t) Jeremy Meyler MD 1 8 8
14 Andrew Mendez MD 1 5 5

Veterans rolling rankings for December 2010

Tournaments since last rankings : Holiday Silver
2007-08-09 ASA Vet Rolling Rankings
Updated 12-28-2009
Rank Player State Events Total Points Points
1 Gregg Deinhart VA 3 27 27
2 Paul Eyes MD 3 26 26
3 Jim Taylor CT 1 19 19
4(t) Alex Batacchi FL 2 16 16
4(t) Darren Koffman MO 1 16 16
6 John Camarano MD 2 14 14
7(t) John Svensson MD 1 13 13
7(t) Jonathan Smith ID 1 13 13
9 Dewey LaRochelle VA 3 6 6
10(t) Ken Tamashiro 1 2 2
10(t) Matt Fox 1 2 2
10(t) Rob Tucker MD 1 2 2
10(t) Therron Thomas 1 2 2
14 Larrry Fryer MD 1 1 1

U15 rolling rankings December 2010

Tournaments since last rankings : Holiday Silver
2007-08-09 ASA U15 Rolling Rankings
Updated 12-28-2009
Rank Player State Events Total Points Points
1 David Cranston MD 2 38 38
2 Nevin Varghese MD 1 29 29
3(t) Brendan Dames MD 1 27 27
3(t) Brian O’Neal MD 2 27 27
3(t) Kevin Chung MD 2 27 27
6 David Marino MD 1 24 24
7(t) Adolfo Colindres MD 1 21 21
7(t) Brian Mengele MD 1 21 21
9 Evan Winter MD 2 15 15
10 Quentin Huyett MD 2 11 11
11 Corey Wiggs MD 1 8 8
12(t) Jordan Bellido De Luna MD 1 6 6
12(t) TJ Rice MD 1 6 6
14(t) Eric Hansen MD 2 4 4
14(t) Grant Lilly MD 2 4 4
14(t) Stephanie Bao MD 2 4 4

Friday, December 17, 2010

Welcome to the new ASA website!

2011 National Championships Update

Towson Subbuteo Club are working on securing a venue for next years individual ASA National Championships. Tentative dates for the event are July 9th & 10th. Players traveling from afar should not make any travel plans until mid January when further information will be available.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Website: How To Play Subbuteo

A new website How to Play Subbuteo available at:

The site features reviews of the rules on a basic level, information about equipment, and links to game action. Suggestions are welcome for future topics to be covered.

2010 Holiday Silver

MSC team: Benny Nuger, Paul Eyes, Patrick Sheridan,
Michael Tillman and Stuart Russell

Zach Walker and Maryland Subbuteo Club (MSC) where the big winners at the traditional Holiday Silver tournament in Ellicott City, Maryland on December 4th and 5th. Zach Walker took the Open title without having to move into top gear, defeating Paul Eyes 4-1 in the final. Over 40 players competed during the weekend. The National Team Championship on Sunday saw a "5 peat" for MSC. Maryland took the long road to victory after finishing second behind WTSL/Towson in the group stage. The second place group finish meant that MSC had to defeat a strong Connecticut club (SCC) in the semi finals, then exact revenge on WTSL/Towson in the final. Other key results:

Veterans Final: Paul Eyes 3 Jim Taylor 2
U19 Final: Matt Steinmuller 1 Byung Kim 1 (2-1 golden goal in OT)
U15 Final: Corey Wiggs 3 Kevin Chung 1

MSC would like to thank all the travelers and players for a great weekend.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Open Rankings

200-09-10-11 ASA Rolling Rankings
Update 11-28-2010
Rank Player State Events Total Points Points
1 Zach Walker VA 4 73 73
2 Paul Eyes MD 3 57 57
3 Daniel Cranston MD 4 52 52
4 Alex Batacchi FL 4 48 48
5 Massimo Conturso CT 4 44 44
6 Patrick Sheridan MD 3 38 38
7 Neal Warren Rivera MD 4 37 37
8 Byung Kim MD 3 36 36
9 Michael Tillman MD 2 35 35
10 Matt Steinmuller MD 2 30 30
11 Miguel Marques CT 4 29 29
12 Wayne Smith CA 5 28 28
13 Ed Morgans MD 3 26 26
14 Stuart Russell MD 2 25 25

Sunday, November 21, 2010

California State Championship 2010

California State Championship trophies

The 2010 California State Championship was played on 20 November in Simi Valley.

This year's winners were:
- State Champion -Wayne Smith
- Missions trophy -Steve Tucker
- Sierra trophy (U19) -Dominic Hutchinson

Wayne Smith has won the State Championship for all four years this tournament has been played.

The runners up spot, and the Missions trophy, was a three way race that went down to the last round of games. Steve Tucker won his last game and finished ahead of Simon Hutchinson and Kevin Nieman, who shared third place.

Dominic Hutchinson was awarded the Sierras trophy as the only under 19 player present. He also deserves an honorable mention for his performance.

A full report and photographs can be found here»

State Champion

Wayne Smith
Missions trophy winner

Steve Tucker
Sierras trophy winner

Dominic Hutchinson

Monday, November 15, 2010

"Governators" message for California State Championship

In advance of the 2010 California State Championship, 20 November, the Governor of the State of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger sent a message to the players taking part to wish them "every success".

You can see his message here»

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Season 9 finished

On September 3 the Southern California Subbuteo Club finished Season 9. In seven months the five players had played a combined total of 136 league and cup games.

While there was never any doubt about who would win the championship, the league did throw up a number of closely fought finishes. The battle for second - fourth places was decided on the penultimate night of the season. The fifth place finisher had only one more point than the two who shared sixth. The winner of the Wooden spoon was not decided until the penultimate night in a game between the last and the second from last.

The winners...

League champions
Wayner Bremen (Wayne Smith)

Wooden spoon
Valley Irons (Jason Mitchell)

League Cup
Wayner Bremen (Wayne Smith)

Player of the season
Dominic Hutchinson

More details, including league table, results, reports, photographs, and videos, can be found here»

Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 2010 Points Race

2009-10 ASA Open Rankings
Updated 8-15-2010
Rank Player State Events Total Points Points
1 Zach Walker VA 5 86 86
2 Daniel Cranston MD 5 63 63
3 Paul Eyes MD 4 62 62
4 Alex Batacchi FL 5 59 59
5 Massimo Conturso CT 5 52 52
6 Patrick Sheridan MD 4 46 46
7 Michael Tillman MD 3 40 40
8 Neal Warren Rivera MD 5 39 39
9 Byung Kim MD 3 36 36
10 Miguel Marques CT 5 34 34

August 2010 Rolling Rankings

200-08-09-10 ASA Rolling Rankings
Updated 8-15-2010
Rank Player State Events Total Points Points
1 Zach Walker VA 5 86 86
2 Daniel Cranston MD 5 63 63
3 Paul Eyes MD 4 62 62
4 Alex Batacchi FL 5 59 59
5 Massimo Conturso CT 5 52 52
6 Patrick Sheridan MD 4 46 46
7 Michael Tillman MD 3 40 40
8 Neal Warren Rivera MD 5 39 39
9 Byung Kim MD 3 36 36
10 Miguel Marques CT 5 34 34

Thursday, August 12, 2010

2010 CT State Championship

Despite the single digit attendance, the club entertains a multi-ethnic, multi-club,
ASA-endorsed State Championship.

The 9th annual Connecticut State Championship was once again an affair between previous winners Massimo Conturso & Miguel Marques. And once again, Massimo Cutuli declared forfeit just a few hours from the event. However, the multiethnic tournament was not so routine as the ASA and the SCC welcomed old and new friends in the Wallingford clubhouse.  Read more

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ASA Open August 2010

Participants in the ASA Open

The American Subbuteo Association Open held by the Southern California Subbuteo Club on Saturday August 7, 2010, was the highest scoring tournament in the history of the club. The seven players managed to score 56 goals in 21 games, an average of 2.67 goals per game.

Wayne Smith's streak of Open wins continued as he finished in first place again, having won all six of his games.

In an exciting finish Simon Hutchinson claimed second place on goal difference from Steve Tucker, who had impressed everyone by his play as he had not flicked for six months.

David Jensen's victory over Kevin Nieman allowed him to finish in fourth place, with Kevin finishing in fifth.

Dominic Hutchinson resolute defending and goalkeeping may not have won him any game, but it did allow him to tie three games and finish in sixth place. John Carroll's defense was not so robust and he finished in seventh, with two ties.

A full report of this tournament can be found on the ASA Open August 2010 page

Sunday, June 6, 2010

ASA Nationals 2010

Played June 4-6 in VA this year.

Group 1
N. Giffen 4:1 Rivera
Cranston 2:0 Brevil
N. Giffen 4:1 Brevil
Cranston 3:1 Rivera
Rivera 2:1 Brevil
Cranston 4:0 N. Giffen

Cranston - 9pts
N. Giffen - 6pts
Rivera - 3pts
Brevil - 0pts

Group 2
Colindres 1:2 Deinhart
Walker 3:0 Mellott
Colindres 3:0 Mellott
Walker 0:0 Deinhart
Deinhart 3:0 Mellott
Walker 3:2 Colindres

Walker - 7pts (SO win over Deinhart to win group)
Deinhart - 7pts
Colindres - 3pts
Mellott - 0pts

Group 3
Byrd 0:1 A. Giffen
Eyes 2:0 Kenny
Byrd 1:0 Kenny
Eyes 4:0 A. Giffen
A. Giffen 2:1 Kenny
Eyes 3:1 Byrd

Eyes - 9pts
A. Giffen - 6pts
Byrd - 3pts
Kenny - 0pts

Group 4
LaRochelle 0:2 Steinmuller
Batacchi 4:0 Brister
LaRochelle 1:1 Brister
Batacchi 4:0 Steinmuller
Steinmuller 2:1 Brister
Batacchi 3:1 LaRochelle

Batacchi - 9pts
Steinmuller - 6pts
LaRochelle - 1pts
Brister - 1pts

Group 5
Zunino 0:4 Russell
M. Giffen 3:1 Nuger
Tillman 1:1 Russell
Zunino 0:1 Nuger
Tillman 4:0 Nuger
Zunino 0:2 M. Giffen
Tillman 5:1 M. Giffen
Nuger 0:4 Russell
Tillman 4:0 Zunino
M. Giffen 0:4 Russell

Tillman - 10pts (SO win over Russell to win group)
Russell - 10pts
M. Giffen - 6pts
Nuger - 3pts
Zunino - 0pts

Mary Jane Knock-out Rounds
MJ Barrage
Kenny 5:0 Mellott
Zunino 2:1 Brevil
Larochelle 0:0 (SO 2-1) Nuger

MJ Quarter-Finals
Kenny 1:2 Rivera
Brister 1:2 M. Giffen
Zunino 0:2 Byrd
Colindres 1:0 LaRochelle

MJ Semi-Finals
Rivera 0:0 (SO 1-2) M. Giffen
Byrd 1:0 Colindres

MJ Final
M. Giffen 1:0 Byrd

Championship Knock-out Rounds
Deinhart 1:0 OT A. Giffen
Steinmuller 0:2 Russell

Cranston 2:1 OT Deinhart
Tillman 2:1 Batacchi
Eyes 3:1 N. Giffen
Walker 3:1 Russell

Cranston 2:3 OT Tillman
Eyes 0:1 Walker

National Championship Final
Walker 2:1 OT Tillman

Group 1
LaRochelle 0:4 Battachi
Zunino 0:4 Eyes
Deinhart 1:1 Batacchi
LaRochelle 0:4 Eyes
Deinhart 2:3 Eyes
LaRochelle 2:0 Zunino
Deinhart 2:0 Zunino
Eyes 2:2 Batacchi
Deinhart 1:0 LaRochelle
Zunino 0:4 Batacchi

Eyes - 10pts
Batacchi - 8pts
Deinhart - 7pts
LaRochelle - 3pts
Zunino - 0pts

Eyes 1:0 Batacchi

Group 1
Tillman 3:0 FF Nuger
Brevil 3:0 FF Nuger
Tillman 4:0 Brevil

Tillman - 6pts
Brevil - 3pts
Tillman - 0pts

Group 2
Steinmuller 1:0 Colindres
Russell 1:0 Colindres
Steinmuller 1:5 Russell

Russell - 6pts
Steinmuller - 3pts
Colindres - 0pts

Tillman 2:0 Steinmuller
Russell 6:0 Brevil

Tillman 2:0 Russell

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ASA Open April 17, 2010

Participants in the ASA Open

It may have been the smallest ASA Open in southern California in four years but it was described as a "Cracking tournament" by the organizer Simon Hutchinson.

Wayne Smith won his 16th consecutive Open tournament, beating Simon in the final. And David Jensen claimed third place winning a shoot out in "sudden death" against Dominic Hutchinson.

The group stage saw several games that almost ended in upsets. Dominic gave his father, Simon, a shock by taking a very early lead. Wayne had a tough time breaking through David's defense. Simon scored an early goal on Wayne, and then hung onto this slender lead until midway through the second half.

All the scores, match reports, and photographs can be found on the ASA Open April 2010 page»

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Western States Open

Southern California Subbuteo Club

After a year's hiatus the Western States Open returned to California as part of the Southern California Subbuteo Club's 25th anniversary celebrations. This year's tournament was special as it was also a FISTF Satellite, the first time a FISTF santioned tournament had been played in the Golden State.

The turn out was a disappointing considering this was the biggest event of the year for Subbuteo. Thank you to all of those who did make the effort to take part.

Wayne Smith became the first person to win the WSO four times. He cruised through the group stage and the barrage rounds winning all of his games, scoring 17 and conceding only three goals in five games. David Jensen finished runner up, the second time he has been a beaten finalist. In the third place play off game John Carroll bested Simon Hutchinson by a single goal.

Kevin Nieman beat Dominic Hutchinson in the Mary Jane, Consolation, tournament final to claim his second Mary Jane win in as many tournaments. Sean Daly finished third.

You can see photographs, results, and read the match reports on the Western States Open 2010 page.

The winners

Open winner
Wayne Smith

Mary Jane winner
Kevin Nieman

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Paul Eyes Is Your New President Elect

Following the resignation of El Presidente, nominations were accepted for 2 weeks. Paul Eyes received the only nomination, and thereby wins the election by a landslide.

Suggestions for unofficial title, since Lenny is considered by most to be El Presidente For Life, include Prime Minister and Prime Flickster. I've always referred to Paul as The Godfather of USA Subbuteo, so Godfather is not inappropriate.

Negotiations for transfer of power are still taking place. Stay tuned for more information.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

ASA Open February 20, 2010

Steve Tucker shooting and Simon Hutchinson saving

The first American Subbuteo Association Open of the year to be hosted by the Southern California Subbuteo Club was played on Saturday February 20, in Simi Valley.

The day started with six players, but after three games Dominic Hutchinson was taken ill and had to withdraw from the tournament.  His remaining games were awarded as 3-0 wins to his opponents.

Wayne Smith won his umpteenth Open, winning all of his games and only conceding two goals.

Steve Tucker finished in second place, a remarkable feat as he had not flicked a Subbuteo figure for six months.

Simon Hutchinson rounded out the top three, losing to Steve in the Open semi final.  He played even though he had been in a serious car accident six days earlier and was under the influence of strong pain killers, that delayed his reactions time.

Kevin Nieman won the "Mary Jane" final.  He had been in second place until the last round of games in the Group stage, when Simon beat him and consigned him to the bottom half of the Group.

David Jensen finished "Mary Jane" runner up in a spirited final, that was decided in over time.

A full report of this tournament and photographs can be found on the ASA Open February 2010 page»

Finalists shake hands

Monday, February 22, 2010

Resignation of Presidency

The intention of this article is to inform you of my desire to resign as ASA President. My life outside of Subbuteo leaves me without the appropriate time and desire to continue on in this role with the dedication that it deserves. Over the last 10 months since my wife and I had our second child I have found myself with less time to dedicate to the ASA than I had anticipated when I ran for a second term.

An emergency election will take place to fill my role. Below is how that election is conducted:

Emergency Elections – If a Vice President or the President vacates his/her seat while still in office for any reason, an emergency election shall take place.

· The ASA Secretary is responsible for collecting nominations and votes unless he/she is running for the vacated office or the vacated office is the Vice President from his/her region. Instead, the ASA President or selected Vice President shall fill in for the ASA Secretary in this role.

· The ASA President, or a Vice President speaking on his/her behalf, must notify the ASA membership of the vacated office within 2 weeks of the office being vacated.

· Nominations are accepted for a period of 2 weeks after it is announced that the office is vacant.

· Votes are collected for a period of 2 weeks after nominations have been received.

· The winner of the election serves out the remainder of the term that was vacated.

Collection of Votes – All ASA Vote collection shall be conducted by the ASA Secretary. In cases of regional conflict another out of region member shall be selected by the BoD. Votes may be collected via email or other personal contact.

I have enjoyed by time working with everybody that has served on the Board of Directors during my time as President. It has truly been an honor to serve the Subbuteo community as the ASA President for the last 2 and a half years. I hope to see everybody across the table soon.

Lenny Foster